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Executive Coaching

for Leaders and teams

It is not easy being a leader.


For many in healthcare and non-profits, most leadership training takes place on the job. Some of us have chosen formal training like an MBA but even the best programs do little to help translate the lecture into the real work.


Being a leader can also be a lonely existence. I was fortunate to have great mentors and later in my career, amazing coaches.


I have been coaching healthcare and non-profit leaders for almost 10 years and currently, I am working with the Teleos Leadership Institute to obtain my ICF coaching credential. I chose Teleos because their co-founders, Anne Mckee and Fran Johnston, are internationally known for their published ideas on emotional intelligence and resonant leadership.


My work with clients is based on where they are in the present, approach their self-awareness with curiosity, and support creative experiments for personal/professional growth. My work starts with increasing awareness of the self and slowly moves to self-management. Once grounded on the self, we move externally to social awareness and relationship management.

Where do you find yourself?


You may be a leader who spends most of your time taking care of the organization and ignoring your own needs. Even leaders with the greatest resilience, reach that resilience through sacrificing themselves. The building toxicity could be dampening your ability to lead and deepening a sense of burnout. 


You may be a leader at a career impasse or struggling with refining a leadership skill that is limiting your success. 


No matter where you find yourself, I start with you. Once we have a strong footing on your strengths and boundaries, we move to the outside world. Even then, it’s all about you.


I will help you build resonant leadership skills (self→world) and recruit a network of resonant supportive relationships (world→self).

#Oraculo Project Street Art in VEnice Italy
Change fueled by your curiosity

Curiosity drove much of our early learning as children, exploring the world around us. That same curiosity can advance adult learning in the workplace. Scientific curiosity has led to many novel discoveries. That same curiosity and creative experimentation is a path to personal change. 


Together we will explore your goals and your boundaries, harnessing your curiosity.

Sometimes coaching your team is part of the solution


High functioning teams do not exist by accident. They evolve and many times need a coach.

My approach to coaching teams combines my executive coaching philosophy and evidence-based principles in organizational development. 

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