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COVID-19 Pandemic

Respond & recover

I am here


I have held several leadership roles in emergency preparedness and pandemic response since 1997. Most recently I served as the senior vice president for clinical integration at the Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP). At HAP, he provided clinical and administrative leadership for the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) (funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services) for the state of Pennsylvania. 

My extensive experience includes leading a health system pandemic response to the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic. Coordination of that health system response with local, state, and federal authorities to maintain healthcare business continuity has been used as a model by other hospital systems.  

Educating healthcare professionals and communicating to a varied audience has also been an important part of my professional career. I have been invited to speak to national audiences on regional healthcare response capabilities during nuclear incidents and maintaining business continuity during a pandemic.

I spent the early months of the Pandemic providing pro bono advisory services to K-12 schools, universities, and small businesses. Organizations lacked funds and we were all trying to figure it out. Later in 2020, I was engaged in two important projects:

I Target your audience


I bring my experience and and teaching style to help deliver calm and cogent messages to your stakeholders and audience. 


Check out 🦠 Pivoting Around A Pandemic Series 🎧 with Jenny Blake. I have been the regular co-host for her this special podcast series. We don't just tackle the emerging COVID-19 medical issues, but we also explore the vast landscape of business and leadership during these challenging times.

Early in the Pandemic, I recorded a webinar for business leaders with Dennis MortonFounder and Principal at Morton Brown Family Wealth entitled, Leading with Purpose in a Health Crisis.

Here are other contributions during the pandemic:

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I know that Leading is not easy

Leading in the current environment is not easy and I am here to help. I am pivoting my executive coaching practice to include JIT-on-demand coaching for leaders and teams. Why? Teams are pivoting to a virtual workplace. Schools and churches are closing. Travel is restricted. Nations are on lockdown. You and your teams will be stressed and face a whole new set of challenges. Contact me for on demand coaching or a longer-term executive coaching engagement.  

I am Happy to serve


Lastly, my goal is to serve in this time of need. Please contact me and we can discuss next steps

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