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Are you just another broom carrying buckets of water?

A few years back, I received an email from our CIO describing his predicament in sifting IT solution requests as a “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” problem.This was in the early days of healthcare digital solutions and in an effort to set up a system for evaluating products, he asked that requests go through his office. At first, the requests came in slowly and like apprentice Mickey in Fantasia, the flow of requests was achieving the desired goal. But as the digital health industry grew, he and his team became overwhelmed with the volume and complexity of requests. 


Like the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” they were flooded with solicitations by health system leaders and external vendors. Too many brooms carrying buckets of water, overwhelming the process and he, the Sorcerer, had to stop the flow until a new process could be established.


Is your company just another broom bringing buckets of water to a health system already drowning in sales pitches and demos?


Is your company carrying water to a Sorcerer waving his wand to stop all flow?

Selling in the healthcare solutions bazaar

Bazaar | Definition of Bazaar from Merriam-Webster

bazaar, noun, ba·​zaar | \ bə-ˈzär  \

1 : a market (as in the Middle East) consisting of rows of shops or stalls selling miscellaneous goods


In my opinion: 

  1. Unless you are one of the top 3 players in your specific market, you are one of the many stalls in the healthcare bazaar. 

  2. Unless you have secured a system-wide contract with at least two clinically integrated networks, you are one of the many stalls in the healthcare bazaar.

  3. Unless your name is Google, Amazon, or Apple, pitching hospitals to pilot your solution is…yeah, you got are one of the many stalls in the healthcare bazaar.


Yes, there may be exceptions to this opinion, but chances are if you clicked to this page and read this far, you are one of the many stalls in the healthcare bazaar.

Instanbul Grand Bazaar
Let’s have a conversation

If my analogies seem to describe your company’s situation. It’s time to have a conversation. 


For over two decades, I was a  decision-maker-buyer. My roles spanned from scoring hardware and software on an IT committee to chairing a capital planning team for an entire health system.  More recently, I am on the business development side, working directly with digital health companies. 


I can provide subject matter expertise on hospital operations and the payment policy that shapes the healthcare reimbursement. I can supply critical insight on the viability of products and services. My leadership assistance can range from vetting your business development strategy to providing managerial guidance. 


For more mature companies, I am available to participate in market strategy development and attend key client meetings. I can support your team pre/post client visits by evaluating customer needs and tailoring the sales tactics. I can also work with your marketing team to produce thought leadership pieces for publication.

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