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Speaking Engagements

Complex ideas into action

Teaching adults is different

Adults are relevancy-oriented in their learning. Leaders are also goal-oriented in their approach to learning, they are most likely to learn when they see purpose in the learning event. Thus when I give a “talk,” my goal is to transform complex ideas into relevant concepts that lead to action. I challenge the audience to take responsibility for what they have learned and improve the world around them.

Relevant and timely topics

For twenty-two years, I have been actively educating healthcare professionals and lay audiences. I have delivered speaking engagements to national and regional healthcare audiences, covering a variety of topics, ranging from physician compensation in emergent value-based payment models to regional healthcare response capabilities during nuclear incidents. In 2019, I participated with peers in exploring effective pilots for digital health solutions and models that drive the integration of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services.

Sample talks


“The Transparency Paradox—Organizational Growth and the Erosion of Trust”

“Putting the Psi in Safety—Advancing Psychological Safety”

Physician Compensation:

“You get what you pay and sometimes what you measure”


Emergency Preparedness

“You may be prepared, but are you ready?”

Agricultural Harvestor in Foggy Field in Germansville Pennsylvania
Let's Target the top

I understand the importance of leadership engagement. Recognizing there are many validated approaches to engage leaders, I am a firm believer that inspirational speeches are not enough; vague inspiration rarely solves real challenges. I focus on the actual work of leaders and their teams. My goal is to provoke new thinking and change how an audience views their work. Changing how they approach their work is the basis for all of my presentations.

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