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Healthcare Consulting

It’s not the what, it’s the how

What's important?


Some say culture eats strategy for breakfast. Some say it’s lunch. So, what is it? Strategy or culture? Breakfast or lunch?


No matter what it is, I say your organizational culture and strategy rely on the how. Many organizations know the whats. They have goals and metrics. They have strategies and tactics. They even have stuff on walls that say what they aspire to achieve and who they serve. Yet they struggle.


No matter how great the whats, it’s how leaders and teams put the whats in place. It's how they execute the whats

Targeting the work at the top


My primary target is the leadership team. That team drives execution of strategy and organizational performance. I will work closely with your leadership, understanding your unique challenges. 


The work will be the how. The work will be how to enculture the necessary processes to achieve organizational goals.


There are many validated approaches to improve leadership and team function. I am a firm believer that the work of leaders and their teams should be the focus, especially during a time-critical project. The work is the team-building exercise. 

Simplify the complex


Healthcare is a complex set of systems and it is further complicated by the people working within those systems. I have found that in order to achieve desired outcomes, leaders need to establish structures and processes. We will work to simplify the complex.


Human behavior is also complex. We will utilize behavioral economics principles and social cues to help guide care teams to desired outcomes.

Broken Rooftop in Tui Spain
Make it stick


Lastly, my goal is to make lasting change that will sustain performance and change that will translate into other work. In the end, it’s about helping people who care for people

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