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How I Launched My Heart-based Business!

How a Solopreneur Can Thrive and Feel Supported During COVID-19

Truth be told, this blog was scheduled to go out the week of March 9, 2020. The needs of my family, friends and clients during this past week pushed this blog to the bottom.

Truth be told, one of my biggest concerns is how the “temporary” social isolation will change our lives forever. For this reason, I am publishing the blog, with some modifications, in the hope that it may help at least one entrepreneur/solopreneur find comfort and thrive in our current condition. Be well.


Truth be told, I never heard of a heart-based business before May 2019, nor did I

know about a subspecies of the entrepreneur: the solopreneur.

Here was my self-talk: I am a doctor. I am a healthcare executive. My work is “important” by its very nature and I enjoy what I am doing. The years of school, personal sacrifice, and leadership ascension are my badges of honor and I have this figured out.

Then the universe steps in and the job evaporates.

the Answer Was There Ten Years Ago

Truth be told, I was thinking of taking a big leap out of medicine in 2009 to build a distillery.

Here was my self-talk: I am an MBA graduate. I am an entrepreneur at heart. My work would actually produce something people enjoy and I would embrace the opportunity to run my own business. The years of school, personal sacrifice, and leadership ascension are not badges of honor but shackles to my true self, and maybe I have this figured out.

But it was 2009, and the market was in a deep recession. I had two kids that I wanted to put through college without the additional debt from a new venture. So, I passed and kept moving forward.

When the Universe Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Back to the universe stepping in.

The announcement was made that I was leaving and I searched for advice. I shared my distillery story with a colleague and he said, “You should read the book Pivot:The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One by Jenny Blake. I think it may helped me.”

So, I read the book and it made total sense. The framework matched the familiar quality/performance improvement framework in healthcare. Other ideas also resonated.

“Heart-based business is about delivering excellence in our work with humility, holding a belief that a rising tide lifts all boats.” -Jenny Blake

I started to think about how to build a heart-based business by running multiple experiments, but reading just the book left me wanting (sorry Jenny). So, I listened to Jenny’s Pivot Podcasts. They were enlightening and her guests’ perspectives added to my learning. But I still didn’t totally get it. I was convinced, but not converted (sorry Jenny).

So at the end of one podcast she mentions the Momentum Community. The pitch went something like this, “Join Momentum....pivot to profit with joy and ease….learn about smart systems to design your ideal six-figure, heart-based business."

I was intrigued.

I investigated.

I watched a free class.

I signed up.

I never looked back.

Calling Solopreneurs and Solopreneurs To-Be

It can be lonely to set up and run a business on your own, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, there is a path to a supportive community of friendtors (friend-mentors), where you can crowdsource resources in real time, and have access to business-tested templates.

The Free-up Founder Time Mini-Course helped me carve out valuable time to work on my business.

The 10 Scalable Streams of Solopreneur Income course stretched my mind and I set up a diversified business model.

Interested? Here is your chance to join the Momentum Community.

Doors open today, March 17th!

Doors close March 20th!

Use my private link to sign up via the Momentum Interest List.

Questions? Contact me directly.


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