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Welcome to MJC Solutions

An introduction to my work

Welcome and thank you for visiting MJC Solutions. This "blog" is an introduction to MJC Solutions, the website, and few other tidbits that did not quite fit into the usual business website.

“...return to what I knew or take what I knew in a new direction...”

My professional career had been a well-structured, well-planned, and well-curated thing until the spring of 2019. A change in corporate direction opened doors that I knew existed but never pursued. My choice was to return to what I knew or take what I knew in a new direction. On May 3rd, 2019, I electronically submitted my LLC documents and began exploring possibilities. More projects emerged than I could have imagined and today I am concentrating my efforts to provide four services: Consulting, Advisory, Executive Coaching, and Speaking Engagements.

The primary focus of MJC solutions is to provide professional services to healthcare leaders and companies serving the healthcare sector. Although, I look forward to helping leaders and teams from any sector. This is especially true regarding executive coaching.

The MJC Solutions website

Could I achieve my business goals without this website? Probably.

Could I reach a larger audience and focus my work because of this website? More likely.

This website has helped clarify how I share my work and will be a platform to share my ideas. I will start blogging and curating readings. I do believe in the wisdom of crowds and hope to get feedback on ideas. It will also be a real-life lesson in digital marketing and communications. It will also likely be a continuous dose of humility.

Disclosing idiosyncrasies

I recently learned the power of packing important "stuff" at the end of communications. As I understand it, this technique encourages the reader/listener to consume the communication to its sweet ending. So here it goes:

1. I won't be using any stock photos. Every photo will be original and taken by me, a family member, or a friend. The photo for this blog is from a visit to Barcelona. For me it captures the energy that come from delicious choices and the spirit of people working as a team.

2. Atticus is our Labrador Retriever. If you ask anyone who has met him, they will tell you that he is extremely intelligent and very motivated by treats. He is also a very good judge of character and has a keen sense of smell. For these reasons, I have hired him as my virtual assistant. All initial inquiries go through him.

3. Things come in threes. Whenever possible, my lists will be multiples of three.

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